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Facing Eco-Collapse

Art and Emotions Torn from My Soul – by Rahima Warren

“Such remarkable words conveying – beautifully, terrifyingly – the state of our world.”

—Barbara Graham, Author

Heaviness in my soul. Dread.
Apocalypse looming.

Scorching the Earth (c) Rahima Warren

What are we doing to our Mother Earth, our only Home, to our brothers and sisters? Destroying so many beautiful and important birds, plants, animals, insects, sea creatures? Filling our precious, rare-in-the-universe Oceans with plastic junk? 
Tearing gaping holes in the very web of life from which we come and which sustains us?

My heart cries out in agony watching this madness:

Why are we destroying ourselves?

Why are we scorching our Earth?

Are we mad?

Do we hate ourselves, our lives, so much?


Nowhere to Fly (c) Rahima Warren

to some safe haven, but there is none. On our one planet, there is no “away,” no safe place, no escape from the eco-collapse we are creating with our industrial economy fueled by oil, coal, and gas.

And I am immersed in this life-way –
a moth struggling in a dark, oily web.


Now my mind wants to assign blame, demand change from the “oiligarchs” who are poisoning our water, polluting our air, destroying the web of life; the cowardly people sacrificing us all to political expedience; the deniers and those fomenting denial of the scientific truth. But they are not listening, nor do they care.

Water is Life – Oil is Death (c) Rahima Warren


It’s too late. Too late!
How can we possibly turn this juggernaut around
in 10 years?  

Lost. Lost.

Alma Terra RIP (c) Rahima Warren

Guilt and Grief

My town has not been burnt to the ground or washed away in a flood – so far. And, enmeshed in this oily web, I guiltily go on contributing to this disaster by continuing with my life pretty much as usual, as do most of us living in areas that remain unaffected for now.

Now my mind wants to defend, justify: I am doing something! I got a Prius, solar panels, 100% Green electricity.

But – I burn “natural (ha!) gas” to cook, keep warm, heat water.  Use gas in my car.  Buy things wrapped in plastic, cringing every time I throw something “out,” knowing that there is no “out” on this one planet of ours.

And I grieve for all the people suffering from climate catastrophes. I grieve for all the grace and beauty we humans have created – music, art, poetry, and so much more – which may well be obliterated.

And my heart goes on mourning for the beautiful, intricate, interdependent web of life and all the wonderful, sensitive creatures that are being destroyed.

One thing I know:

We will die with them – for
All Earth is One Life.

All Earth is One Life (c) Rahima Warren

The floods, the fires, the storms are here now, harbingers of what is to come. Drought and famine are here. Floods of refugees. Madmen spreading war.

How can our so-called “leaders” think half-measures will do? We don’t have until 2040 or 2050 to make the drastic changes that are necessary.

Let us protect our only home, Mother Earth.
We must transform our society, our way of life,
our technology by 2030.  
It’s now or never. 

Protecting Our Earth (c) Rahima Warren

7 Responses

  • Thank you so much for sharing your broken heart b/c mine is shocked and reeling as well… Our beautiful gorgeous Home! omg. The rage the grief and yet the effort to stay in the NOW with the impending future with dark people in control… feels overwhelming. BUT knowing there are others who feel this that deeply lends a wee light to my soul… and again I feel a bit of dawn.
    xo <3

    • RWarren
      Apr 8, 2019

      HI, Susan, yes,so glad to know you feel similarly. I was a little unsure how or if anyone would respond to my post, so I really appreciate your sharing your feelings and thoughts. I feel that if we are to make the necessary changes, we have to allow ourselves to express and share our deep dismay, rage, and grief, and let their energy inspire us to action.

      RWarren Apr 8, 2019
  • Christine Angell
    Apr 15, 2019

    Dear Rahima and all others who read your powerful words and view the heart wrenching art you have made:
    Stay present with the grief and your open heart. The earth’s suffering is calling to us for compassion and actions, no matter how small, to change our broken and foolish ways.
    Thanks, Rahima, for sharing your deep feelings and letting us be a witness to your soul’s response to the sadness and despair. Feeling it and praying for guidance is essential.
    Ancient Mother, I hear you calling
    Ancient Mother, I hear your song
    Ancient Mother, I hear your laughter
    Ancient Mother, I taste your tears.

    Christine Angell Apr 15, 2019
    • RWarren
      Apr 15, 2019

      Dear Chris,
      Yes, staying present, feeling the depths of our emotions, listening for guidance, and answering that call in whatever way we can -that’s what we can do, and must do, if we have a chance to prevent Eco-Collapse.
      I love that chant. Thanks for reminding me of it.

      RWarren Apr 15, 2019
  • Abrah Younget
    Apr 15, 2019

    Dear Rahima,
    I think you know that my thoughts and my heart are resonating with you on this blog. Thank you for expressing it so well and with the emotions many of us are struggling with. I will share on Facebook as well. Meanwhile, I struggle each day with my own use, and make small changes that make me feel at least one step closer to less dependence on the things that destroy our planet.

    Abrah Younget Apr 15, 2019
    • RWarren
      Apr 15, 2019

      Dear Abrah,
      Yes, I know you are with me on this. And I know that struggle of how to minimize my impact, yet feeling enmeshed in this heedless system. With your tiny house etc, I know you have made some good steps to reducing your impact.
      Thanks for sharing on Facebook!

      RWarren Apr 15, 2019
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