Inside the Star Seer’s Prophecy Trilogy

The Star Seer's Prophecy Trilogy A fearless combination of dark sorcery, healing magic, intrigue, and poignancy, The Star-Seer’s Prophecy trilogy is an epic metaphysical fantasy of sacrifice and transformation on the healing journey toward love and awakening.  These books are recommended for adults who want to be challenged, touched, and inspired, but not for children, the faint-hearted or straight-laced.

“…a deep and powerful story that ranks with the best fantasy-fiction. ever.”

Richard Scheiffer, Mankind Project Elder

” …let yourself experience the fiercely potent, healing magic of The Star-Seer’s Prophecy!”

Jodie Forrest, Author, The Rhymer and the Ravens, and The Ascendant

“I could safely start to heal old wounds… And it all happened through the story…”

Tetja Ann Barbee From an interview with the author. Read Full Interview Here

“Emotionally gripping, very well written, deeply moving…a magnificent story of the soul’s journey”

R. C. Angell, MA, MFT

Dark Innocence Book by Rahima Warren

Dark Innocence

– Book One –

What if a slave named Kyr, who knows nothing but a hell of evil and suffering, is the only one who can restore the Sacred Balance of the mortal and divine realms, as the Star-Seer’s Prophecy foretells? Will Kyr fulfill his star-cursed destiny, or will the Prophecy prove wrong, and blood-sorcery and darkness prevail?

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About the Author

Rahima Warren, author of The Star-Seer's ProphecyI’m Rahima Warren, MA, MFT (ret.), author of The Star Seer’s Prophecy trilogy. This deep, rich story of the transformational and healing journey of the soul—as well as my own inner work and my career as a psychotherapist—are dedicated to ending the personal and societal culture of hatred, revenge, and punishment, and evoking an inner and outer culture of compassion, forgiveness, and healing. In my work with clients recovering from abuse, I was awed by the human capacity to heal, and to reach new levels of forgiveness, wholeness and happiness. Through an unexpected alchemy, my experiences working with my clients and on my own healing journey coalesced with my love of fantasy fiction into the writing of this mystical and redemptive trilogy adventure.

The journey continues…

Fierce Blessings Book by Rahima Warren

Fierce Blessings

– Book Two –

Torn from the safety of the Sanctuary by his worst enemy, Kyr is faced with the second hell foretold by the Star-Seer’s Prophecy. Can he protect his soul from depravity or will he return to the foul slavery he has known most of his life? The fate of the land and the Goddess Herself depends on his choice!

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Perilous Bliss Book by Rahima Warren

Perilous Bliss

– Book Three –

Enraged by terrible secrets and betrayals, Kyr abandons the hard path and plunges into the third hell of the Prophecy. But the stars are moving into the pattern foreseen long ago by the Star-Seer. Will Kyr become the Vessel of the Goddess and restore the Sacred Balance, or will he shatter under the terrible hallowing She requires?

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“Potent, magical, and unforgettable”

Robin Winn, MA, MFT

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