Reviews of The Star-Seer’s Prophecy: Book One –
Dark Innocence

…this novel can take its place amongst Tolkien and the best of science fiction writers such as Ursula LeGuin. It is a well-sustained, exciting and suspenseful narrative written in a lucid and powerful style.

Harris Smart, Author, Producer, & Director, from his published review of Dark Innocence

Dark Innocence is a can’t-put-it-down, page turning adventure story, deliciously abducting you into an enchanted world that is brimming with powerfully complex characters, and both dark and light magic. But the true genius of this book is that the hero, Kyr, is not the only one embarking on a healing pilgrimage through the treacherous and liberating underworld of the psyche. I can’t imagine how any reader can take this soulful, spiritual and creative literary journey and not come away deeply and personally transformed.

Chris Zydel, MA, Author of Conversations with the Brush; Love Letters from the Creative Heart

I had the pleasure of reading Dark Innocence several years ago as a manuscript. At the time I was reading many manuscripts, writing book reviews and working as an editor. This book stood out almost at once. The story is compelling, gripping even. The journey is intense, rich and rewarding. I highly recommend Dark Innocence. This is a book that is at once action-packed and deeply provocative. It will resonate with you for years to come.

Stephanie Rose Bird, Author, No Barren Life & 5 non-fiction books – Five Stars on Amazon

Dark Innocence is a beautifully written and richly woven tale of the archetypal themes of wounding and redemption. The author looks fearlessly into the darkest aspects of human experience and explores the true nature of healing. Her wisdom as a psychotherapist permeates the story, but this is no dry textbook…it is a gripping and inspiring page-turner! The story has stayed with me and continues to amaze–Highly recommended (for adults only!)

Merideth Bowen Shamszad, Author, The Story of Little Feather

This book is a powerful telling of the journey through darkness and into the light of healing. The characters are compelling and the story is engaging. I know many will recognize their own healing journey in this story. I believe it will bring hope to its readers.

Abena – Five Stars on Amazon


Reviews of The Star-Seer’s Prophecy: Book Two –
Fierce Blessings

Fierce Blessings is a wonderfully compelling read. A page-turner of the highest order. But more than that, it is a powerful spiritual teaching. A step-by-step guide on how to keep our hearts open in the face of unimaginable suffering, how to forgive the unforgivable, and what it means to allow the sweet mercy and compassion of the Divine Feminine to be an ongoing healing presence in our lives.

Chris Zydel, Author, Conversations with the Brush; Love Letters from the Creative Heart

Gritty and Uplifting. … Sharing the character’s journey supported me in accepting my own journey from suffering to growth. A richly rewarding story for those with the courage to seek the fullness of being alive.

Richard Schieffer – Five Stars on Amazon

Fierce Blessings brilliantly explores archetypal themes of life, which have coalesced in the heart and soul of the heroic yet tormented protagonist, Kyr. His awakening and struggle to become the hallowed vessel of the Goddess are poignant and heart-wrenching, yet readers of his story will be well-rewarded as his transcendent and redemptive spiritual path unfolds. This is a profound and inspiring work that grapples with the universal themes of brutality and forgiveness, trauma and recovery, and the liberating power of compassion.

Merideth Bowen Shamszad, MFT, Author, The Story of Little Feather

Compelling and thought-provoking! Rahima Warren has masterfully crafted a believable, non-denominational world that is completely relate-able. She is gently pulling us on an epic journey through the very three dimensional characters we are getting to know as the trilogy unfolds. I found myself deeply engaged on an emotional level. I could not put either [of the first two books] down and I cannot wait for the third one! BRAVO!

LNK Creative – Five Stars on Amazon


Reviews of The Star-Seer’s Prophecy: Book Three
Perilous Bliss

Perilous Bliss is a wonderful book about survival and love, with all the trials and hardships it takes to achieve both. Rahima Warren was able to tell this story which exemplified that forgiveness, as difficult as it can be at times, is a choice which frees us as much as being forgiven, if not more. It is a great read and has given me much to think about with my own life.”

Virginia Burrell, RN; Author, Dismantling the War Machine

“Longtime psychotherapist Rahima Warren brings her daring, passionate, and compassionate trilogy to a most satisfying close in Perilous Bliss. Brave and reflective readers may find more in these books than excellent fantasy set in a masterfully-built and richly detailed world. If you’re ready to encounter your wounded side, to understand and release its pain, and to walk with it through a more serene future, then let yourself experience the fiercely potent, healing magic of The Star-Seer’s Prophecy, because it was written for you.”

Jodie Forrest, author of The Rhymer and the Ravens and The Ascendant

Perilous Bliss is deliciously readable for a story of such intensity. From the time I dipped into the first page until I reluctantly finished the last, I spent every possible open moment with Kyr. I simply had to know what the third hell would be and how he would navigate the treachery, this time. 

Perilous Bliss and its companion books in The Star-Seer’s Prophecy (Dark Innocence and Fierce Blessings) are meaningful stories, fearlessly and expertly employing a fantasy fiction format to open a conversation about, as the author says, “vengeance, forgiveness, and love . . . despair, hope, and enlightenment . . . intense emotions and equanimity . . . and above all, sublime mysteries.” Absolutely worth reading!

Tracie Nichols, MA

After eagerly waiting for Perilous Bliss, the third book of The Star-Seer’s Prophecy, I found myself enthralled as I dove into this final volume on the world of Kyr and the land of Khailaz, now recovering from the hell of the Soul-Drinker’s long reign.

“Book Three builds upon the substantial foundation of Books One and Two, and culminates in a well-crafted, page-turning and unpredicted climax that is deeply satisfying and authentic to the characters and the story.  The author has woven everything together beautifully.

“In psychological terms, this is a story of the depth of human suffering and the laborious and miraculous ways in which human beings can find healing. Rahima Warren’s description of Kyr’s recovery is inspirational and instructive. It is a testament to her knowledge of the process and principles of psychotherapy and the development of a mature human being, as well as the healing power available to those who have the courage to tread the ‘hard path.’

I highly recommend The Star-Seer’s Prophecy to healers, therapists and those in need of healing—in other words, all of us.”  (Note: I do not recommend this book for children.)

Merideth Bowen Shamszad, MFT; Author, The Story of Little Feather

“A Beautiful Conclusion to a Healing Journey

The author has taken her readers through the horrors of Kyr’s traumatic early life, and the stages of his healing. In the final book of the trilogy, we learn about his final challenge. Rahima’s writing really draws the reader in to the story in a visceral way, as we share Kyr’s hardship and his joy. I could relate to much of the story, in particular because of the healing journeys of friends and family who are trauma survivors. I enjoyed this trilogy very much. But – you must read it in sequence to fully appreciate it.”

5 Star Amazon Review of Perilous Bliss by Eala Saille  –  April 29, 2018




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