My Mission Statement

And Where it Came From

Rahima Warren

My metaphysical fantasy trilogy, The Star Seer’s Prophecy, as well as my own inner work and my career as a psychotherapist, are dedicated to ending the personal and societal culture of hatred, revenge, and punishment, and evoking an inner and outer culture of compassion, forgiveness, and healing.

In writing The Star Seer’s Prophecy, I did not set out to write about this topic. I actually did not intend to write anything like a fantasy trilogy. This dark, challenging and healing story came to and through me, much to my own amazement.

Can books have a purpose? Years after I’d finished writing it, I asked in meditation about the purpose of the trilogy. And I received that its purpose is to end the personal and societal culture of hatred, revenge, and punishment, and evoke an inner and outer culture of compassion, forgiveness, and healing. Thinking about it, I realize that this articulates my life purpose.

Inner Culture: In my work with my psychotherapy clients and my own healing journey, I saw how many of us are prisoners of our upbringing. Whether we suffered deliberate physical abuse or unconsciously abusive emotional or psychological damage, we may remain trapped by a young child’s unconscious belief that the cruelty we experienced is love because our caregivers are supposed to love us, or is somehow what we deserved, which is often what we were told. In the first case, we then unconsciously seek out situations where we can suffer that damaging ‘love’ over and over. In the second case, we find ways to punish ourselves for not being good enough or smart enough, etc., or else we perpetuate the cruelty we suffered by inflicting it on others.

Outer Culture: At least in our Western culture, this has been going on, generation after generation, and has resulted in a strong cultural undercurrent of hatred, blame, guilt, shame, despair, a desire for revenge, and an excessive use of punishment. Witness the ridiculously high incarceration rates in the USA, and many other societal ills, such as depression, suicide, child abuse, mental illness, domestic violence, mass murders, war, and now even the destruction of the environment that gives us life.

How my three books are to carry out their purpose, I do not know. I have felt compelled to write, revise and edit them into a well-written and gripping story, with the help of my editor and publisher, Naomi Rose of Rose Press. Now I am doing what I can to offer them to the world through social media and other forms of outreach, with the help of my marketing mentor, Dana Watt.

The Star-Seer’s Prophecy confronts the evil and cruelty that we humans suffer and inflict in our dark innocence; and holds forth a vision of healing, compassion, and forgiveness that is so needed in our world. Not for the faint-hearted or straight-laced, these books are recommended for adults who want to be challenged, touched, and inspired.

Book One: Dark Innocence, Book Two: Fierce Blessings, and Book Three: Perilous Bliss are available in paperback and e-book formats on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, etc.  Also available through Rose Press (paperback only).

For more about the books, visit the Books Page

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