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Books for Healing: The Star Seer’s Prophecy Trilogy

“I wanted to share with you how much your trilogy opened up my life.
[I gained] some deep healing of past trauma [and]
closer connection and trust in my intuition and deeper self.

What a gift this has been! —D. Newman, MD

In writing the story of Kyr’s arduous yet ultimately healing journey, I naturally drew on what I know best – my own adventures in healing and transformation, and twenty years’ experience working with my psychotherapy clients. However, I did not set out to write this powerful story of Kyr’s transformative journey through three hells.  It was a process of trusting and yielding to a surprising, passionate, creative flow and going with it until it reached its amazing conclusion. This flow took me down into the depths of human suffering and to the heights of love and awakening. (Click here for more about my experience of writing The Star Seer’s Prophecy trilogy.)

I’m deeply touched that readers have been helped and inspired by reading Kyr’s story. Here is some of what they have found valuable:

A Story that Heals: An Interview with a Survivor 

“I could safely start to heal old wounds…And it all happened through the story…”

In this interview, Tetja Ann Barbee shares how reading  Dark Innocence inspired her to forgive, and to deepen her own recovery process: 

1. What was it like for you while reading Dark Innocence?

“In the beginning, you make it clear that there is more to Dark Innocence than just a fantasy fiction tale, and that your purpose is to provide a deep, meaningful, healing and spiritual fantasy story. “Wow, fascinating concept,” I thought, “a therapeutic story written in Tolkien style—MUST READ!”

At first I had little personal connection to the horror of the initial setting of this complex adventure, but I became so drawn to the spectacular story, that my feelings of separation turned to a longing to delve into my own psyche. And the hero Kyr’s tumultuous journey became my own! Through the very descriptive writing–colors, vibrations, sights, sounds—I developed a sense of deeper meaning. I began to feel, hear, see, smell, and taste the experiences of each character vicariously, which in turn, became personally relevant.”

2. What parts of the story resonated most with you?

“The visceral presentation of sex used as a means to control, dictate, and manipulate for the purpose of subjugation is a concept I took personal note of, having survived horrible sexual acts against myself in life. However, later in the book, the sacred sexual healing scenes with Kyr and Jolanya balanced out the earlier abusive ones.

In addition, as a Feminist, I have a deep personal connection with the metaphysical concepts of God, The Goddess, Yin & Yang,…. Dark Innocence gave me a world filled with the presence and practice of Goddess knowledge, the beauty of nature and life; a way to assess my own thoughts of human interactions; and hope for the future.

Another thing that your book has really done is helped tie in many years of good therapy with my personal faiths and connections to the Universal forces of masculine and feminine (yin and yang) via a fantastic and compelling fantasy story that I could both enjoy, and use as guidance through suffering.”

3. How did reading the story affect you?

“I put the book down twice with an initial reaction to the nightmarish evil the characters were facing, but it beckoned me because the story is written so well, and I decided to continue on the notion it was going to be an enjoyable reading experience rather than a personally relevant one meant to heal. I trudged on through the darkness seeking light in the story along with the characters, and amazing things began to happen in my mind. A mood began to set, deeply and passionately. When that happened, I could not put the book back down until I finished it!”

4. Did reading this story help you heal in any way? If so, how?

“By living vicariously through the characters in a safe, fun, and captivating manner, I began to relate to my own dark and deep feelings. I found I could safely start to heal old wounds, and question things about my own beliefs. And it all happened through the story’s presentation of terrible suffering, acceptance, and growth, as opposed to having to analyze myself. I cried and laughed a lot, and consciously decided that if these characters can face such horrendous pain and evil, and come out to a place of lightness and beauty and love, so can I. As a result, I have been able to forgive someone with whom I was very angry for a long time, for injuring me in a car accident. I have committed myself to deepen my recovery process. And I’m enjoying the effects of personal realizations about my own path in life and where I want to go.”

Thank you for sharing your experience so openly, Tetja.

“Rahima, I want to thank you for having such a keen sense of a person’s suffering and the hurdles one can face while dealing with it… and for helping me jump the first hurdle!”

A Lasting Effect: Five years later, Tetja writes:

“Connecting with Kyr’s character while seeking my own freedom
really helped support my journey.”

“Kyr’s story has helped shape my ability to come from a place of ugliness, shame, and deep fear of letting go; then to move forward through more fear of the unknown, regret, and resentment to a place of complete freedom from those powerful emotions. …In so many ways I carry the blessings of engaging with Kyr’s journey into my own. … Spirituality has been a huge part of my healing and the concept of “spirit-centeredness” …was birthed from Kyr’s story.

I recently celebrated 5 years clean of all mood and mind altering substances. That was another part of Kyr’s story with which I identified. The “darkness” Kyr was enveloped by included addiction of an unnatural substance that he both feared/hated and looked forward to. For me substances, like alcohol, led me to seek comfort in the poisonous familiarity of being taken away from the pain I didn’t want to face inside.

In The Star Seers Prophecy, Kyr courageously battles that demon and learns to be free of it. Connecting with Kyr’s character while seeking my own freedom really helped support my journey. Today, I have so much more lightness of being and clarity. We can all learn to rise above and beyond darkness in our lives, and The Star Seers Prophecy gave me another tool to privately relate my own life’s struggles vicariously through a magical character.”

—from Tetja’s email to me of April 3, 2018

“Recovery is not the Easy Path”

From Virginia Burrell, author of the memoir, Dismantling the War Machine 

“I want to thank you for recommending the Star Seer’s Prophecy.  I have read both of the books and am waiting for the third to come out. (hurry up and edit it 🙂  It has been helpful to read and I can certainly identify with so much of Kyr’s life and thoughts. As Kyr frequently reminded himself ‘to forgive is the hard path,’ I frequently remind myself that recovery is not ‘the easy path. ’   So yea, the books have been helpful and I await the next book in the trilogy. Thanks”

From an email to Naomi Rose, my publisher

“The Hard Times are an Integral Part of the Journey”

Jane Brajkovich, Five Star Review on Amazon, July 2019

“I loved this series. It was challenging at times to read about the hardships of the main character because I could so relate to him. But I am so glad I continued. The author had an amazing ability to take the reader to the depths of despair and then to unimaginable bliss. The series taught me a lot about my own journey and how daily practices can really help, and that ultimately the hard times in life are all an integral part of the journey taking me where I am meant to be. So thank you Rahima for writing these amazing books!”


“In (Dark Innocence) the first book of the trilogy, the expression of love and kindness which grew in Kyr was heartwarming and requested in me an opening up of my own heart. … What I am taking from the second book of the trilogy (Fierce Blessings) with me into everyday life like a meditation is: “SOFTEN!” I am often torn between just feelings of anger at wrong behavior from others and my reaction to it which often enough is too adamant. I think it is one of the most difficult things in the world to act with equanimity instead of reacting to something others do or say with anger and ego righteousness. … So now I am curious about what happens next in the character’s development (in Book Three, Perilous Bliss) and what I can learn from it.”

From an email to me from Monika G., a friend from Germany

“Gritty and Uplifting”

“Sharing the character’s journey supported me in accepting my own journey from suffering to growth. A richly rewarding story for those with the courage to seek the fullness of being alive.”

 Richard Schieffer, Five Star Review of Fierce Blessings (Book Two) on Amazon

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