Fierce Blessings

Book Two of The Star-Seer's Prophecy

Fierce Blessings by Rahima Warren | The Star-Seer's ProphecyAbout Fierce Blessings

“Gritty and Uplifting. … Sharing the character’s journey supported me in accepting my own journey from suffering to growth. A richly rewarding story for those with the courage to seek the fullness of being alive.”Richard Schieffer – Five Stars on Amazon

In the first book, Dark Innocence, Kyr chose the hard path of healing, forgiveness and love. With the help of friends and healers, he overcame his terrible upbringing as a Slave of the Soul-Drinker, and regained his true essence. He became a man capable of kindness, courage and integrity.

In Fierce Blessings, Kyr continues his journey on the spiraling hard path. As often happens in life, he once again faces the familiar nightmare of cruelty and evil that he knew as a boy. No longer the dark innocent, he must endure the second hell of the Star-Seer’s Prophecy, knowing that life holds beauty, kindness and love—a bitter contrast to what he now faces. As hostage for the safety of the Sanctuary, his friends, and his beloved Jolanya, he wrestles with the temptations of hatred, despair, and death.

Can he protect his soul from the pull of the depravity he has known for most of his life? In the face of abandonment, cruelty, and madness, can he keep hold of the man he became at the Sanctuary? Will he be able to carry out his promise to help his Slave brothers find Zhovanya’s blessings of healing and forgiveness?

Kyr faces all these challenges and more, without the help of his friends or the healers at the Sanctuary. He shows us the kind of courage that is needed to endure and transcend the worst of experiences.

Join him on his transformational journey, as he explores the depths and heights of this fierce blessing that is life as a human being.

“Yes, the second book is a deep dive! Reading this trilogy clearly launched me into a deep dive three years ago and it has been totally worth it. Thank you Rahima for such an unexpected gift. It was not an easy start but so grateful now as the evolutionary process continues.”
—D. Newman  10/19/21

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“Kyr?”Kyr from Fierce Blessings, The Star-Seer's Prophecy

At the sound of Jolanya’s gentle voice, Kyr could neither move nor breathe, could neither go forward nor turn back. With all his heart, he longed to rush into his beloved’s arms, to grow great wings and fly them both to his secret childhood haven under the ice where no danger or vileness could touch them. But she was the Kailithana, forbidden to him. And his true Atonement, his inevitable and well-deserved fate, awaited him.

She stood at an inner entrance to the sanctum, green velvet curtains falling shut behind her, wearing her indigo robes, her silken black hair escaping its usually tidy braid. She gazed at him steadily, her storm-grey eyes grave with foreboding. “What is it?”

Quietly, he said, “It’s Gauday, come to take me.”

She made a little sound of protest, but he held up his hand. “It’s my Atonement. I must go.” His tone forbade any argument.
Wiping away her tears, Jolanya came and wrapped her arms around him. He felt her trembling and held her close. Their frightened hearts beat roughly against each other. Her lips brushed his ear and he shivered.

“I love you, only you,” she whispered, giving him a priceless gift: the truth of her heart.

Scarlet lightning flashed through him, body, heart and soul. He stepped back and stared at her, unsure if he had heard her correctly. She gave him the slightest of nods, and his heart absurdly leapt for joy.

Then the Kailithana grasped his hands in hers. Kyr gasped as a powerful Flow of kailitha rushed into him. At first it was silvery, then crimson, then a coppery gold: a flood of steadfastness and courage and faith.

The Flow abated and the kailitha contracted into a glowing golden ball in his core. The Kailithana released his hands and stepped back, her eyes deep with divine compassion and vast respect.

“Most valiant one, keep the Goddess in your heart, as She keeps you in Hers. Remember the Truth of Her Love and Forgiveness.”
He drank in the sight of his beloved Jolanya, the last sunshine in a world about to go forever dark. After an infinite, fleeting moment, he tore his gaze away from her, and left the Temple, shedding his dark Temple robe as he fled toward his fate.

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