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Moments of Unknowing

I’d been having a frustrating day. Couldn’t get centered or focused. Tried to get something done, but nothing was working. The printer wouldn’t print. Answers to emails that I thought I needed NOW were not forthcoming. I felt anxious and uneasy. I blamed the stars: Mercury was in retrograde.

Finally, I gave up and went outside onto our deck. First thing I noticed was a small, nearly colorless dragonfly perched on a purple salvia flower, absolutely still. So still that I even got a photo of it. (Can you see it? It’s perched atop the purple flower.)


Wondering what this visitor signified, I wrote a dialog with Dragonfly.

Rahima: Dear Dragonfly, thanks for appearing to me today. I wonder what magic you hold, what message you convey. Will you share with me today? Who are you?

DRAGONFLY: I am delicate and strong, clear, almost invisible – but powerful in a way unknown to you, the unseen power of presence, of acceptance, of awareness. I watch. I wait, still and silent. No unnecessary movement. When it’s time, when I see my prey, I dart silently, and take what is mine. I am efficient, ancient and wise in my way, perfectly what I am.

Rahima: What is your message for me?

DRAGONFLY: Wait. Be still. Wait for the right time. Then move. Will all your restlessness and fussing be of any use? Accept this moment of unknowing. Allow the unknowingness to ripen, trusting yourself to know when it is time to move. This does not mean sleep. Be watchful, present, aware. Only then will you know when the moment is ripe.

Rahima: I do need to learn your stillness and patience.

DRAGONFLY: With all your restlessness and anxiety, you are perfectly what you are, as I am. Our world made us to be just who we are, and we each fit perfectly into our world. Accept this and know peace within.

Rahima: Thank you for sharing your wisdom with me.

Contemplation Questions

  • The times of “unknowing” are challenging for me and many people. How are they for you? Do you get restless and anxious? Charge ahead just to get something done or make something happen?  Does that usually work out OK?
  • Or are you able to accept the unknowingness, and wait for the moment to ripen?  What helps you do that?
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2 Responses

  • Leanne
    Jul 19, 2013

    Nice reading your blog and loved your photo. You were so fortunate to be able to get that shot and I’m sure that will be part of the gift for you as a keepsake to remind you of the dragonfly’s message. I too often feel that connection through nature when I least expect it. God speaks to us through anything and especially through his creations I feel. If we’re open to this we can find a way to access all that we need to know and/or be. Restlessness is often a reminder for me that I need to reconnected with what’s important. I’m reminded here of the phrase, “be still and know that I am God”.

    I guess there’s always the practical approach of examining what one needs to do versus what one wants and other responsibilities. It’s all so individual and dependant on circumstances.

    Leanne Jul 19, 2013
    • Jul 19, 2013

      Thanks, Leanne, you are so right – when we can open up and listen, the guidance is there for us. But sometimes, it’s hard to remember to get quiet and listen, isn’t it?

      Rahima Warren Jul 19, 2013

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