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Awaken Beyond the Human Eye View

An Imaginary Dialog with Hawk Spirit

Rahima: Dear Hawk Spirit, twenty years ago, you told me that the consequences of our human choices (industrialization, war, greed, extraction from Mother Earth instead of caring for Her) were coming and many would suffer. Now I see these consequences happening, and much suffering everywhere from drought, firestorms, huge floods, terrible storms. Will you talk with me again?

Hawk: Times are fearsome but no need to fear. This evolution must happen. Humanity must grow out of the cocoon of thought and greed into the butterfly of spirit and love, either now or in another iteration of this dance of individuality and Oneness.

R: What can help us with this transformation?


  • Faith. Faith in your hearts. Faith in each other.
  • Trust in your Essence, and surrender to what is necessary:
  • Letting go of identification with status, power, success;
  • Letting go of fear;
  • Softening into your gentle bodies of flesh and spirit;
  • Humbling yourselves to our Mother Earth.

Hawk: Feel the peace here now. This is also true. Let it soak into your heart, soul, body, mind.  Good.  Now – ask your heart’s question.

R: Is all this devastation and destruction of so much beauty, deaths of so many creatures, including humans, necessary?

Hawk: Trans-form-ation. Yes – a changing of forms for many, many – allows a new way of being with Mother Earth to arise.

Nothing is lost. Energy/Spirit/Being changes form but is not lost, is not destroyed.

I offer you this gift of seeing from far above like hawk, like eagle – seeing the whole eternal dance of transformation and evolution.

Awaken beyond the human eye view.

We await you in the Oneness.

2 Responses

  • Christine Angell
    Mar 28, 2020

    Dear Rahima: Thanks for sharing this deeply wise dialogue with me and the world. We’re in this together and hawk spirit will guide us. Love, Chrissa

    Christine Angell Mar 28, 2020
    • RWarren
      Mar 28, 2020

      Thanks Christine! It’s becoming fairly obvious that in truth, we are all in this together, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I pray enough of us get this to turn aside the worst consequences of our actions that are causing such imbalance on our only home, Mother Earth. Many Blessings!

      RWarren Mar 28, 2020

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