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All Earth Is One Life

All Earth Is One Life: Messages for Humanity

All Earth Is One Life  In meditation, I was watching my breath, keeping a focus on belly and heart, feeling how the breath connects these two centers of awareness. This led me into a state of deep stillness.

Out of this stillness, came a powerful receiving:

“This world is going to be so different in the future. The ones who will survive will be humble. They will be the ones who let go of the belief and feeling of human superiority and dominance, who let go of this approach to the world. The ones who survive will be the ones who bow down in humbleness to the Earth, to Life. The ones who know that these forces are so much more than we can comprehend, so much greater than us. The ones who know that we humans are the servants of Life, the servants of the Earth, and who choose to live as such.”

I am impelled to share this message, in the hopes that it may not be too late, that we can wake up to our peril, to our unity, to our ability to drop into humbleness and begin to work together to serve the Earth, to serve all Life – and so to save ourselves.

Spirit Animals who have come to me in my dreams tell me that they love us and are praying for us.

Hawk Brother said: “Walk in this awareness that we Spirits of Nature sing for you as you struggle to birth the new perspective, this great addition to awareness and comprehension, this new form of Spirit in the Universe. It is so difficult! Walk with compassion in your hearts for yourself and your brothers and sisters.”

For Hawk Brother’s entire message and amazing perspective, go here:


 Another deeply wise and powerful message came from Ermine:

“You are in the midst of this vast struggle with your own Nature to find your Wisdom. We are here to assist you, to remind you of your Source, to model ways of Balance, to mirror your own Nature back to you with our thriving or dying. Accept this gift and honor yourselves for this titanic struggle you must face—to succeed in achieving Balance—or to die, in your turn, making way for the next great Child of Earth.”


May we all find our humbleness and wisdom in time!

With love for all my brothers and sisters of Mother Earth,



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