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Ruffled Feathers

Getting My Feathers Ruffled – Or Not

Life is full of opposites, and they are always turning into each other.  As I sit here on my peaceful deck, the breezy quietness turns into a huge uproar: a chipper/shredder, with a counterpoint of raucous objections from our local blue jays. I could object too, and move inside and slam the windows shut. I usually would. For once, though, I am in non-resistance to what is.  As the saying goes, “It is what it is,” and I don’t need to fight it, right this moment.

It would be lovely if I could apply this to other situations! What if, the next time I have to repeat for the fifth time what I’ve told my forgetful 94–year old mother, I just smiled, and skipped the exasperated sigh?   No doubt, it would be less stressful for both of us. Yet I go about so often fuming and fussing about the way things are, especially if I ever dare to listen to the news.  All that stewing only makes me angry, tense and tired. Does reality change just because I object? Hardly ever!

The mechanical roaring is sort of interesting, now that I’m not hating it. Quite an astonishing noise! It reminds me how marvelous humans are, that we can invent these machines to do almost anything we want. How did we ever evolve into such amazing creatures? Ha! Look at this! Instead of getting tense and angry from resisting that noise, I am filled with wonder and delight. Much more fun!

And now the roaring has turned back into quietness. I can hear the fountain burbling, and the chickadees and finches twittering. Birds were the first Tweeters, you know. But they didn’t sue Twitter for copyright infringement. Nope, they didn’t let it ruffle their feathers at all.  I hope I remember more often to stop resisting what is. The birds will be my reminders.  Maybe they can be your reminders too? (Well, maybe not the bluejays.)


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2 Responses

  • Anin
    Sep 21, 2012

    Thanks for the reminder. I love your thinking around this Rahima. I’ve had my own obnoxious events recently, as well and have also been reflecting on new ways I can experience them so that they don’t destroy or over-shadow the good things that are going on as well. Thanks for this.

    Anin Sep 21, 2012
    • Rahima Warren
      Sep 21, 2012

      Thanks, Anin! Glad this was helpful.

      Rahima Warren Sep 21, 2012

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