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Why Read Fantasy?

When looking for something to read, what does your soul long for?

  • Something juicy, freeing, or inspiring?
  • Something that leads you deeper into the mystery of life?
  • That opens your heart and thrills you with wondrous possibilities?

The best fantasy novels offer all this wrapped up in a fascinating story with strong characters and lyrical writing. At the least, they offer an escape into worlds of imagination where we can go on adventures beyond the confines of so-called reality.

In Western rationalism and scientific thinking, truth is found in provable facts. For the human soul, that is a dry fountain, as shown by the huge legacy of myth and legend in all cultures, not to mention the outpouring of fantasy stories on TV and in books, comics, and films.

Why is fantasy fiction so popular? Because fantasy fiction nurtures the magical, non-linear side of our souls, and may even expand our vision of who we can become. 

More than an Enjoyable Escape

Though set in unreal worlds, mature fantasy stories are about real human qualities and dilemmas. After all, writers are human and we write what we know, which is, of course, being our human selves. The deeper we have delved into the experience of being ourselves, the more truth our written stories will reveal.

In reading good fantasy fiction, we are touched by the struggles and evolution of the characters and can learn something about ourselves, or find healing and inspiration for our own lives. 

After reading my first book Dark Innocence, Tetja Ann Barbee shared how the story helped and inspired her on her own healing journey:

“By living vicariously through the characters, I began to relate to my own dark and deep feelings. I found I could safely start to heal old wounds, and question things about my own beliefs. And it all happened through the story’s presentation of terrible suffering, acceptance, and growth, as opposed to having to analyze myself. I cried and laughed a lot, and consciously decided that if these characters can face such horrendous pain and evil, and come out to a place of lightness and beauty and love, so can I.

“As a result, I have been able to forgive someone with whom I was very angry for a long time, for injuring me in a car accident. I have committed myself to deepen my recovery process. And I’m enjoying the effects of personal realizations about my own path in life and where I want to go.”


I’d love to hear from you about why you read fantasy, particularly fantasy fiction like mine.  Here are a few questions to get you thinking.

  • What fantasy novels are most meaningful, touching, or inspiring to you?
  • Which ones do you keep to re-read?
  • What do you treasure about them?
  • Have any of them been helpful in your own life?

Share your favorites with me, and I’ll add them to our new Meaningful Fantasy Novels list, which I plan to share with my fans as a resource for us all.

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Or get in touch with me at info@starseersprophecy.com  Let me know your thoughts and suggestions and I’ll reply as soon as I can.


Here are a few of my favorite fantasy novels from my Keepers Shelf. (Actually, it’s a bookcase!)

I must have re-read The Onion Girl  by Charles de Lint four or five times!

Charles de Lint writes urban fantasy, where music, magic and spirits intertwine with modern life. His novel, The Onion Girl, is the story of Jilly, an artist who sees and paints creatures from faery, and her recovery from a major accident. What I love is that her healing journey requires her to confront not only her feelings about her accident and injuries, but also buried traumas from her childhood. Though the story involves mystical and magical events, the psychological healing is real and profound, touching and inspiring. I love its message of finding the courage to face our worst fears and oldest demons, and coming through to renewed wholeness and joy.

I also love:

Ursula K. LeGuin’s novels, which are richly imagined and full of wisdom.
I especially love her Wizard of Earthsea series.

Patricia McKillip’s stories: her writing is magic in itself!
Two of my favorites are The Bell at Sealy Head, and Alphabet of Thorn

Carol Berg’s powerful and enchanting duology: Flesh & Spirit, and Breath & Bone

Be sure to share your own fantasy fiction favorites on Facebook or in the Comments below, so I can add them to our Meaningful Fantasy Novels list. Watch for the list in my future blog post.

My Books

The Star-Seer’s Prophecy Trilogy: an epic metaphysical fantasy of sacrifice and redemption on the healing journey to love and awakening

Dark Innocence Book One: Kyr struggles from suffering and evil toward healing and forgiveness

Fierce Blessings – Book Two: Kyr fights to protect his soul against familiar seductive evil and to learn fierce compassion and merciful justice

Perilous Bliss – Book Three: Kyr faces betrayal and despair on his path toward love and awakening  –  Forthcoming  January 2018

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