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Trusting Life

Inner Views – Trusting Life

Looking up from my laptop, I see a green hummingbird sipping from the red flowers outside my window.  She lives a path of joy and trust, relying on the flowers to bloom and provide the sweetness she needs.  What makes it so hard for us to trust that Life will provide for our needs too? I’ve explored this question for years. What it comes down to for me is that we are beings of light and love who choose to incarnate on this planet to practice love in challenging circumstances. And , wow! do we pick some doozies!  It doesn’t matter if you are filthy rich or dirt poor, famous or obscure. Every situation offers a different challenge/opportunity to remember and practice love.

I remember the shock I felt when I was born at finding that all is not love and light here on Earth. It sent me reeling and I soon forgot my true nature and purpose, just trying to survive in this strange world of physicality and egoic personality. Yet somewhere deep in my soul, I did remember, and kept blindly searching for that love and light that is my true nature, and everyone’s. I tried many avenues, and each taught me something about love, whether it be love for others, love for our Mother Earth, or self-love.  After almost five decades of inner work, I am able to notice when I lose touch with that true nature, and work my way back to it. These days, it is fairly easy to notice that I have lost touch. The sign that is that I am not feeling a quiet inner joy. It isn’t always so easy to work my way back to it. I’m still practicing that.

Hummingbird stares at me through the window for a moment, reminding me to trust Life to provide just what I need, whether I understand at first or not. She reminds me to savor the nectars of life, enjoy the beauty of flowers, absorb the radiance of colors, feel the freedom of moving through the air.  Today she is my teacher, and, I hope, yours too.

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One Response

  • Oct 10, 2012

    Rahima … this is beautifully written with a clear wake-up message … no matter what our circumstances seem to be, we live, love and trust … many thanks to you and the precious green hummingbird … xoxo

    anna Oct 10, 2012

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