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My Heart’s Prayer for Our World and All of Us

My Heart’s Prayer for Our World and All of Us


During the Women’s March, I prayed and chanted with a purpose of sending out ripples of harmony and awakening. After an hour or so, my heart was full of warmth and love for our world and all of us. Here are the prayers that flowed from my heart:

Dear World, Dear People,

I love you. I send you blessings for healing, love, awakening, and gentleness with yourself, others, and our beautiful home, Mother Earth.

May all, fears, doubts, and hatreds melt away gently. May we come together in harmony to heal the imbalances in nature that we have created. May we learn to live in harmony with all the beauty and life of Mother Earth.

May we find a way to trust ourselves and each other. May those who grab for power and money be healed of the fears that underlie this behavior.

May we find ways to heal our hearts of the wounds of thousands of years of cruelty and war. May the desire to dominate, enslave, and abuse then melt away.

May we grieve together for all the pain and fear we have all suffered in many different ways over these countless generations.

May we find our way to forgiveness and self-forgiveness, to mutual respect and compassion, to co-operation and caring for all life on Earth.

May we find ways to live in harmony with our home planet, and to live lives of elegant sufficiency that are sustainable, simple, beautiful, and joyous!


All Art (c) by Rahima Warren


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