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Messages for Humanity

Messages for Humanity from the Dreamtime

via Rahima Warren

Today—with Houston and many other places drowning, and much of the U.S. West burning; with unstable leaders in D.C. and North Korea; with sea level rising and mega-storms increasing along with hatred and injustice, wars and refugees—I feel scared and sad. In need of guidance and wisdom, I reread a powerful series of dreams with Hawk Spirit that came to me in the 1990s.

My way of working with dreams is not to analyze or interpret, but to write dialogs between myself and the dream characters, to let them speak their messages to/through me. Sometimes, they have surprising messages for all of humanity, saying things I never imagined myself.

Why am I sharing these messages from Hawk Spirit now? Because they show deep compassion for us and our struggles, and offer us guidance. And because they reveal a deep awareness of Unity between Humanity and Nature, and knowledge of Humanity’s evolving gift to the Universe: I hope they will bring you some solace and a new perspective.

Messages from Hawk Spirit

In 1989, Hawk advised:
“You see the signs. Now is an important time. You two-leggeds (humans) are to begin to take your power seriously, to act as responsible adults. It’s time to grow up, to grow, to get to work.

Be astute and aware. Trust your Inner Voice. Do not act from guilt or fear. Follow your Inner Light. What makes you feel light and free contributes best to the Planetary Shift. Do not be afraid of Healing Crises—your own or the Planet’s. Trust. All is for the Best.”

In 1994, Hawk shared this message of connection:
“We are all with you – Hawk, Owl, Eagle, Scarlet Macaw, Jaguar, Bear, Raven, Deer, Squirrel, Fox, Hummingbird—all of us. Walk with us in the quietness. You are us. You humans are not separate from the matrix of Nature no matter how much you forget us or how lonely you feel for us sometimes.”

In 1996, Hawk spoke with deep wisdom and love:
“Oh, the difficult path you have chosen by being human – lost from the undifferentiated oneness of Nature, separated from the Oneness of Spirit – walking the knife’s edge of awareness and individuation. O brave souls, know that you are doing this work for all that is, bringing a new awareness into the Universe, a new and brilliant light, though fraught with the pain of birthing.

“Walk in this awareness that we Spirits of Nature sing for you as you struggle to birth the new perspective, this great addition to awareness and comprehension, this new form of Spirit in the Universe. It is so difficult! Walk with compassion in your hearts for yourself and your brothers and sisters.

“Live – and let live. Live and grow, learn and develop your awareness. Bring consciousness of unity from the experience of individuality into the Universe.

“Learn to control your greed. Be aware of the needs of Nature, become good care-takers of the Earth.

“These two are part of the same struggle. Despair not. It is a great and holy birthing of awareness that you are all midwifing with your tears and suffering. Walk proudly with hearts of compassion. We love you.”

In 2000, Hawk warned and challenged us:

“Things are moving now, more rapidly. Things are moving toward crisis, rather sooner than you humans would like to believe. I am sad for you. Many will suffer the damages and consequences of the line of development you have been following by your choices: the line of acquisition and material mastery. Many now are. Much must play itself out. Nothing can easily reverse the many choices that have been made by so many of you.

“Preserve and conserve what you can in small places, small ways. Start making different choices without the illusion that they are a solution to the many ills confronting you all now.

“Ask the deep and difficult questions:



How do you answer Hawk’s Four Questions?

Please share your thoughts. Perhaps together we can help find a path toward the new consciousness of Unity from Individuality that the Universe is calling forth through us.

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For the full description of the dreams and the complete dialogs with Hawk Spirit, visit http://home/starseersprophec/public_html.soulplay.com/dreaming-earth

I also invite you to visit and explore all of www.soulplay.com, my personal, artistic website, where I’ve shared many other dreams and dialogs, my expressive/intuitive art, and my spiritual experiences.

Here a few of the comments about soulplay.com:

“I just spent a half hour on your amazing website! This art show is your deep inner journey in art, writing and spiritual work. AMAZING!
Natalie Rogers, Author of The Creative Connection, and founder of Person-Centered Expressive Arts Therapy

“…such an amazing source of inspiration for the weary, meaning starved soul in us all. This gorgeous site tucked away in a corner of the internet feels like sacred space, like sanctuary, like solace.”
Chris Zydel, MA, Creativity Mentor

What a blessing it is to rediscover the mysteries you share here through your powerful language and imagery. To be reminded, at a time when the world is reeling from excesses of greed and abuse of power, suffering incalculable pain and grief, reconnecting with the eternal oneness is indeed precious and inspirational.
Joan Ruderman, MFT


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