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Devastated: An Intense Scene from Perilous Bliss


Our hero, Kyr, has survived his ordeal in Book Two, and arrived in the safe haven of Ravenvale. But he is still tormented by the curse-scars his enemy Gauday inflicted on him.

Now, Kyr is devastated by something that has happened (read the book to find out what!), and his curse-scars have flared up terribly.

Perilous Bliss will be published on January 31st, 2018. Pre-order your copy for Kindle or other eBook readers now. Only $2.99 until Jan. 31st.


“Rajani, the Warrior Mage, lounged on his favorite couch in the parlor, enjoying the warmth of the fire crackling in the hearth, sipping hot spiced tea and relishing its aroma of cinnamon and cloves. Rather than hurrying through breakfast and rushing off to deal with some problem or decision, he was waiting for Kyr to show up. At last the demands upon his attention had settled down, and he felt he could leave the estate in Bru’s capable hands for a while.

He finished his tea, and rose to pace back and forth by the tall windows. A strong breeze sent white-cap waves dancing across the dark blue lake, while puffy clouds scudded by above, their shadows racing over fields and cliffs. “Where is Kyr?” Rajani muttered. “He’s never been this late.” With a worried frown, he stood still, closed his eyes, and murmured, “Ganarali ya zhanto Kyr.”

“Gods and demons!” He dashed out of the parlor, took the stairs two at a time, and knocked on Kyr’s door. Kyr’s dog, Friend started barking, sounding distressed, but Kyr made no response.

The door was locked. Rajani snapped, “Kaa’a-tay!” The door swung open.  Friend wriggled loose from Kyr’s grasp and ran to the Warrior Mage, whining anxiously. He hurried to Kyr’s bedside. “Kyr, what’s wrong?”

Kyr lay staring at nothing. He looked devastated, as cold and stiff as he had when they’d first rescued him from the Soul-Drinker’s hell. Remembering what it had taken to get Kyr to respond back then, Rajani commanded, “Tell me what’s happening, right now.”

Kyr blinked and began shaking. He glared at Rajani. Strange colors swam in his eyes. “The cleansing,” he croaked. “Now!”

“But I have to prepare.” Rajani sputtered in dismay. “I can’t just….”


Kyr’s desperation shocked Rajani into action. “Goddess help us! Alright, we’ll do it at noon, when the Sun is at Her strongest. Can you make it until then?”

“Get Medari.” Kyr closed his eyes and grabbed his upper arms, digging his nails into his flesh.

Rajani turned and found Naran standing at Kyr’s door. “What can I do?”

“Stay with Kyr. I have to find Medari.”

Naran stepped into the room. Feeling menaced, he glanced around. Seeing nothing unusual, he hurried to Kyr’s side. “What is it? Those curse-scars?”

“Out of control,” Kyr grated. He clenched his jaw shut and squeezed his eyes tight against the bloody illusion of Naran as sacrifice, as prey. Struggling against the sickening malevolence assaulting his mind, Kyr could barely keep from attacking his friend.

“How can I help you?”


Naran grabbed a chair and began the chant. “Zhovanya naralo, Zhovanya naralo.” The threatening atmosphere in the room increased, and an ominous force tightened his throat until he could barely sing. Frowning, he changed the chant, calling on Zhovanya for guidance and protection. “Zhovanya dagantalo, Zhovanya ganaralo. Zhovanya dagantalo, Zhovanya ganaralo.” Slowly, the menacing force ebbed, until he could sing full-voiced.

But Kyr still lay curled up in a tight ball, moaning. “ohgods, ohgods, ohgods.” With all his strength, Naran commanded Zhovanya to shield Kyr’s mind. “Zhovanya da’agantaloro ya Kyr!” Drained, he fell silent. And so too was the room—too silent. Naran’s eyes snapped open. “Kyr? What’s happening?”

Kyr lay in a slumped huddle.

“Oh gods, no!” Naran gasped, his heart plummeting.


Perilous Bliss will be published on January 31st, 2018. Pre-order your copy for Kindle or other eBook readers now. Only $2.99 until Jan. 31st.



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