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Eyes of Compassion


A Scene from Fierce Blessings: Book Two of The Star Seer’s Prophecy trilogy

By Rahima Warren

“As writers, as artists, we take the most devastating of our human experiences and
we turn them into something of healing and service to the world.”

—Alison Nappi, Author, Lies You Were Told About Grief

The mission of my trilogy, The Star Seer’s Prophecy, is “to end the inner and outer culture of hatred, revenge, and punishment, and to evoke an inner and outer culture of compassion, forgiveness, and healing.” To do this, the story takes the reader on a transformational journey on the hard path through the underworld of the soul and psyche, and into the dark heart of forgiveness. Forgiveness is not for the faint-of-heart. It requires the spiritual courage to confront our own trauma and shame, anger and vengefulness, and to reach for the light of greater kindness, compassion and forgiveness—both for ourselves and for those who have oppressed or harmed us.

Writing this dark yet redemptive story was an intense and challenging, yet soul-satisfying, task. I have wrestled to see beyond my judgments of good and evil; to see with the Goddess Zhovanya’s eyes, as the hero, Kyr, does in this scene from Fierce Blessings.

Kyr from Fierce Blessings, The Star-Seer's Prophecy“When Kyr awoke, he was still strapped to the bed in the chamber that had almost been the tomb of his soul. Remembering his teacher’s devotion, and the love and peace of his communion with the Goddess, he renewed his determination to fight Gauday’s sorcery. Noting the pain of his burns and cuts, the chafing of his bound wrists and ankles, his parched throat, he narrowed his attention to the exact sensation of his breath moving in his body.

As his concentration deepened, he was able to follow his out-breath deep down inside. There was such stillness there at the bottom of the breath, such peace: doing nothing, wanting nothing, resisting nothing, forgiving everything. Kyr’s lips curved in a slight smile. If he was to live, the in-breath would come. If not, he was free. It was not up to him.

The breath flowed in and with it came a delicate joy. Though he had no earthly reason for joy, joy it was nevertheless—a subtle, causeless joy that was deeper and more true than anything he had ever known. He rested in this joyous peacefulness, feeling his whole body breathe in, breathe out, until it seemed that the air was a sourceless wave flowing in from everywhere to a point that, in another reality, was his heart; then flowing outward in all directions, unbound. As he drifted into a healing sleep, he was once again blessed with a gift of counsel from the Goddess.

“LOOK AT GAUDAY THROUGH MY EYES.” Zhovanya’s smile was sad and kind, yet Her eyes were stern with implacable wisdom.

The sound of the key turning in the lock brought Kyr awake. Gauday stepped in the door.

Following Zhovanya’s counsel, Kyr gazed at his tormentor, and was shocked by what he saw. Gauday is so sad, so frightened. Ah, Goddess! How does he live? His soul is writhing in shame and horror, and he is so terribly lonely. It was unbearable, what compassion revealed. Now he understood a little better Zhovanya’s sad smile.”

Contemplation Questions

  • Take a moment to let this scene sink in.
  • How does it make you feel? Reflective? Sad? Angry? Or?
  • Could you forgive someone who has been tormenting you or your loved ones?
  • Can you imagine seeing inside that someone’s soul? What do you think you would see?
I’d love to hear your responses to this scene. Write me at info@starseersprophecy.com or leave a comment below.


2 Responses

  • Marion
    Dec 9, 2017

    I was deeply touched by the scene ..it evoked deep feelings of sadness. Remembering people like this in my life makes me cry. Thank you for helping me to remember compassion.

    Marion Dec 9, 2017
  • RWarren
    Dec 9, 2017

    You’re most welcome, Marion. I’m glad you found it helpful. Many Blessings!

    RWarren Dec 9, 2017

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