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My First Blog Tour

New Cover Art for EBooks

New Cover Art for EBooks

Perhaps you have noticed that I haven’t posted anything here for a while. I’ve been busy writing posts for a blog tour, which started May 13 and runs through June 21. It’s been fun – and a lot of work!

What’s a blog tour? Well, I’m writing guests posts for  other blogs (seventeen, so far) on various topics, ranging from Flowers As Healers, to how I ended up writing a fantasy trilogy. See Calendar below.

For the duration of the Tour, there’s a special low price for the e-Book versions of Dark Innocence – only $2.99 for Kindle, iTunes and Kobo. Plus, there are Prizes and Giveaways! Visit the Blog Tour Page for details. There are three ways to win. If you read one of the guest posts and leave a comment, you are entered to win a free eBook of Dark Innocence. On the Blog Tour Page, if you scroll down, there is a widget to enter for the Grand Prizes. Also, there is a place on the right to enter a GoodReads Giveaway of print copies. I hope you’ll join in!

I’ll be pretty busy until this tour ends, and then I’ll be on vacation for a week, so I may not post anything new here until July. In the meantime, you can read my guest posts if you like. Here’s the calendar, with the titles I’ve written so far. I have several more to write, as you can see!

Please visit the Blog Tour Page for links to the posts and updates. Note: Only the ones with past or current dates are posted. Others will be up on their dates as listed below.

May 13 One Writer’s Journey: Author Q&A
May 15 SS Book Fanatics: Why & How I Write Fantasy
May 16 Author, A.F. Stewart – Tips For Evoking A Fantasy World
May 17 Tracie Nichols – Flowers as Healers
May 17 Musings From An Addicted Reader – Swept Away by My Protagonist!
May 20 Talk 2 The Animals – Connecting with Animal Spirits Through Writing & Art
May 22 Writer’s Fun Zone – Writing for An Anti-Hero
May 24 All Fantasy Worlds
May 28 Sassy Book Lovers – Becoming a “Strange and Special Creature”
May 31 Richard Stephenson
June 10 United By Books
June 17 All The Fun Starts After Dark
June 17 Fresh Fiction
June 18 2 Read or Not 2 Read
June 20 The Pen Muse
June 21 Minding Spot

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